best_toys_guide_best_toy Best Toys writes: "RingStix: One of the Best Outdoor Games of All-Time It’s been too long since a truly fantastic outdoor game has been invented. Sure there have been things here or there that have been neat, but nothing that jumped out at us in the way that RingStix did. After a skeptical beginning, we were wowed by the simple but brilliant design of a game that gets its players outdoors, active, and having the time of their lives." ... Overall This is a great game, and it’s reasonably priced. It’s a wonderful tool to build good times and good memories with. The simplicity of it is refreshing, as is the fact that anybody can play it (specifically, ages 10-110, according to the packaging.) There is, however, a warning on the back of the box that anyone and everyone should take serious heed of when using RingStix, as there is a high probability of it happening. It reads as follows. WARNING: The person playing RingStix may find themselves outdoors, getting more exercise, being active, making new friends, and having much more fun.