Jazzminton Light Ball 10 Pack

The Ultimate Paddle Game
JM5200 with Products
JM5200 with Products
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  • ENDLESS FUN: Amazing indoor game and outdoor games for kids & adults. Play the classic game of paddle ball, just hit the ball to the opponent and pass it back and forth. You can even play over a badminton net, great way to introduce racket sports to children or beginners
  • CONTAINS 10 BALLS: Comes with 10 red light balls. Jazzminton is a great way to increase hand eye coordination, motor skills and keeps you active
  • GREAT VALUE: 10 red balls for any playing condition; indoors, outdoors in strong wind or at the water. Grab your friends and family and get outside for some active fun away from phones, TV’s and video games
  • RELIABLE: Everything floats in the water so no need to worry if playing at the pool, beach or even if it rains. Great for improving coordination, motor skills and keeps you active away from phones, TV’s and computers

Product Details

SKU JM5200
UPC 857862003492
Age 6+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:6.5 x L:4 x W:4 inches
Weight 0.4lbs


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