VR2 - Virtual Reality Glasses

Google Cardboard 3D - Interaction with Videos or Games
  • VR2 (Virtual Reality 2) comes with a button to interact with the 3D game or video apps and works with all Smartphone sizes
  • Each pair of these Google Glasses come with app ideas instructions and downloads for free
  • Innovative fun and shocking IMAX effect created by these laminated cardboard VR2 glasses
  • Convert your smart phone into the ultimate 3D gaming or movies box and turn every face into a smile face
  • It's as simple as watching a YouTube® video or downloading a free App - Instructions included


Amazing revolutionary tech, turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer and experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR. No longer carrying around bulky and heavy headsets and we know that once you are actively using a VR Headset you always want it with you Although it's small, it fits various brand models such as Samsung, LG, iPhone, Sony, etc. small or large size mobile phones between 3.5"-6.0". You’re able to download educational 360 degree videos with various landmarks from various countries between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe or enjoy download “Titans of Space” which is a guided tour application that shows you around our solar system along with some stars to your phone. It contains fun facts and information about different celestial bodies, which helps the parents or teachers to teach the kids about our solar system. YouTube® video streaming is a no-brainer; it’s free and Google is open about using YouTube as a hub for VR video content


1 VR Glasses with head strap and sleeve for protection.

Product Details

UPC 857862003256
Age 13+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:2.25 x L:5.75 x W:3.75 inches
Weight 0.33lbs


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MOQ 6pcs - half carton
Inner Carton 12pcs
Master Carton 48pcs