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Funsparks is where you’ll find the coolest active games and toys for indoor and outdoor fun! This is our 10th year of designing, manufacturing and patenting the dozens of products we offer. We have a variety of games from our very own in-house inventions to the classics with a modern twist all packaged with eco-friendly materials. Our toys and games are designed to fuel creativity, provoke interest and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning.
Funsparks is committed to being an ethical and responsible toy company bringing forth quality products that you can rely on with an established reputation based off our excellent customer service.
Some of our popular brands include Jazzminton Paddle Game, RingStix, etc. This year we have introduced a fully patented, extremely fun and dangerously addictive stacking game by the name of Quaggle more – This aint no ordinary game!

We received the following awards for many of our products:

Our New Product Launches for 2020

Quaggle is a stacking, teetering, hanging, shifting, wobbling, unbalanced, balancing game that is a must have for friends and family game night! Take turns stacking the Quaggle pieces on the table top base. Each piece added can create a whole new shift of weight and balance, allowing for the sculpture to transform. BEWARE, one wrong move could send it all crashing down!
This wooden toy is simple to play, tough to master, providing hours and hours of replay value especially due to the fact that you will never create 2 of the same structures. Little ones will enjoy the colorful, vibrant blocks and will want to share with all their friends and family! Quaggle is an adorable wooden balancing game for 1 to 12 players, All-natural wood pieces with bright, bold colors.
Toys are designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning. Besides being extremely addictive, Quaggle promotes important developmental skills. Placing the wooden blocks helps refine fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Due to the diversity of shapes and sizes, there is an almost unlimited variety of positions to place your piece allowing for critical thinking and problem solving, perfect for toddlers and teenagers alike. Playing games help kids make social connections and learn important concepts of taking turns, playing fair and winning and losing gracefully.
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Hook It comes from a classic Irish bar game dating back to the 50’s and 60’s, and is only just now becoming a global sensation! Want to get everyone away from the television, their phones or the computer? Toss the rings at the hooks and add up your score afterward, the player with the highest score wins. This game is extremely addictive and has a perfect level of challenge mixed with it leaving you always wanting more, give this game a try and we can just about guarantee it!
This classic game improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and even basic math! Aiming the rings at the board, using precise tossing force, adding up the scores all helps develop young kids’ developmental skills along with hours and hours of joy!
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Crazy Bocce is a tossing game based off the classic game of Bocce. The key difference is that we have created cubes instead of balls allowing for gameplay on any sloped surfaces including driveways, hills and just about anything that isn’t completely flat. This new take on the classic game has been a big hit with toddlers because of the vibrant colors and erratic bounce and roll of the cubes.
Bocce is fun for the whole family, get your kids out of their rooms, off their video games and try out this brand new tossing game. This set is a sure way to liven up any get together, bring it to the beach, or play in your backyard; this will provide all the entertainment necessary.
On top of being extremely addictive, this toy can also help kids tune their fine motor skills and improve sportsmanship through playing with and against other people. This will improve their social connections and promote important concepts like taking turns and playing fair.
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Great Products with New Packaging

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Jazzminton Beach - Great in Winds

Jazzminton Beach covers just about everything, this set comes with a wind birdie for those windy days at the beach, a smaller lighter birdie for relaxed play and a ball if you want to change it up a bit. Jazzminton Beach comes with all the variety you need to keep you playing for hours. Don’t stress anymore with having to buy a set only to find out you can only play when the stars align. This brand new set has all the bases covered!
The birdies are all made with water resistant glue allowing you to play by the water. The wind birdie is made for up to 20mph winds and the ball gives it versatility when you just want to switch it up a little and play the classic version. The paddles are made from 7-layer plywood with moisture wicking soft grip handles making it more comfortable than ever!
Don’t get stuck with having to choose one over the other, this version gives you everything in one!
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Jazzminton Wind Birdies

Jazzminton Wind Birdie set is exactly what it sounds like, made for windy conditions. Funsparks is always trying to improve through or customer feedback. We found that some of our previous birdies had trouble flying through heavier winds. People often play Jazzminton by the beach where the conditions are generally a little more windy, so we created a birdie specifically for that purpose!
Take Jazzminton to the beach, park, or any outdoor setting and worry no more, these birdies are designed to withstand up to 20mph winds. Play back and forth and try and rack up a new high score, or try and hit it with some pace for a more competitive, faster game. Smash the birdie, dive after it, make jumping hits, no matter what, be prepared to sweat!
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Jazzminton 10 Replacement Birdies

The Jazzminton 10 Birdie Set is sure to have you playing for hours! This set is not only versatile in different conditions but plentiful too! Rack up a high score with the slower flying red birdies or have a quicker more competitive game with the yellow ones. What if it’s really windy, you ask? This set comes with 3 wind birdies that allow play with up to 20mph wind. It really has all the bases covered.
Worried you may get it stuck in a tree or on the roof, or perhaps the dog chewing it up? Worry no more, the set comes with 10 quality shuttlecocks that are sure to keep you playing outside with no disruptions.
Made specifically for our best seller the Jazzminton paddle ball game, this back and forth paddle game is great for hand-eye coordination, reaction time and fine motor skills. Get a set for your kids or have one for yourself and don’t be surprised when you find yourself outdoors virtually all the time!
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