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Funsparks is where you’ll find the coolest active games and toys for indoor and outdoor fun! This is our 12th year of designing, manufacturing and patenting the dozens of products we offer. We have a variety of games from our very own in-house inventions to the classics with a modern twist all packaged with eco-friendly materials. Our toys and games are designed to fuel creativity, provoke interest and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning.
Funsparks is committed to being an ethical and responsible toy company bringing forth quality products that you can rely on with an established reputation based off our excellent customer service.
Some of our popular brands include Jazzminton Paddle Game, RingStix, etc. This year we have introduced a fully patented, extremely fun and dangerously addictive stacking game by the name of Quaggle more – This aint no ordinary game!

We received the following awards for many of our products:

The Ultimate Paddle/Racket Game

The last 4 years we’ve been developing Jazzminton® Sport with countless tweaks and versions.

Everything from the frame, netting, paddles and birdies had to be modified.

Our goal was to have these points fulfilled:

- Any player, young or old beginner or pro has a blast - Does not require a court or boundaries - Can play in your living room, front/back yard - Easy to carry - Affordable - High quality, long lasting - Set up within 1 minute - As good as or better: badminton, table tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis.

During the test period we had close to 100 different people testing it and would always ask “how much fun is this compared to: badminton, table top tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis”

the most common response was #1 Tennis, #2 Jazzminton® Sport with the others coming after.

Finally, we have completed the product and the first production run is on the water, for delivery, to you.

We can proudly state Jazzmintion® Sport is the ultimate paddle game and we can’t be more excited!

Patent Pending

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