Jazzminton® Sport

The last 4 years we’ve been developing Jazzminton® Sport with countless tweaks and versions. Everything from the frame, netting, paddles and birdies had to be modified. Our goal was to have these points fulfilled:
  • Any player, young or old
  • beginner or pro has a blast
  • Does not require a court or boundaries
  • Can play in your living room, front/back yard
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • High quality, long lasting
  • Set up within 1 minute
  • As good as or better: badminton, table tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis.
During the test period we had close to 100 different people testing it and would always ask “how much fun is this compared to: badminton, table top tennis, squash, pickleball or tennis” the most common response was #1 Tennis, #2 Jazzminton® Sport with the others coming after. Finally, we have completed the product and the first production run is on the water, for delivery, to you. We can proudly state Jazzmintion® Sport is the ultimate paddle game and we can’t be more excited! Patent Pending


Steel Frame Net 2 Premium Paddles 4 Indoor Birdies (red, yellow, green, blue) 2 Outdoor Birdies (orange) 1 Birdie Container 2 Light Balls (red) 2 Hard Balls (yellow) 2 Large Stakes (for wind stabilizing) 2 Black Ropes (for wind stabilizing) 4 Small Stakes (for boundaries) 1 Long Red Rope With Rope Winder (for boundaries) Carry Bag

Unpacking video

How to assemble