Easy Disk Dog Disc

Durable and Easy on The Teeth


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  • DURABLE DOG DISC – Have some fun with your best friend with this ideal flying disc for dogs. Designed with a multilayer nylon and foam interior & a soft cloth outer ring for a gentle bite to ensure your puppy’s gums & teeth stay healthy.
  • PERFECT FOR A HYPER PET – Amazing fetch toy for dogs made for high flying, long tossing distance fun! Play virtually anywhere including the park, lake, beach, backyard and in any weather conditions.
  • SOFT DISC FOR DOGS FLOATS ON WATER– Made from soft lightweight material makes it buoyant so you can take this out for interactive play at the beach, lake or pool. Measures 8.5” in Diameter and 3.7oz.
  • COLORS DOGS CAN SEE – Colors designed perfectly for a dog’s vision spectrum. Dogs see the color blue the best and yellow second! We placed blue at the bottom of the soft disc so when you toss it upright, they will see the bottom of it perfectly allowing them to chase it down with ease. We put yellow on the edges and top to create not only a great looking vibrant disc but also best for a dogs vision.
  • FOLD IT UP AND TUCK IT INTO YOUR POCKET – The outer ring bends, tuck it in your pocket and before use, fold it back into its original shape and let the excitement begin. This soft disc won’t dent cars or hurt when catching.


Our Easy Disk Dog Disc is the perfect medium for exercise, training and fun. This flying disc features a multi-layer nylon design for long lasting outdoor use. The Easy Disk floats in the water so you can take your best friend to the lake, beach or pool. The vibrant colors are in line with a dogs visual spectrum so they will have no problem tracking down the disc. Get ready for a high flying game of fetch with your best friend!

Product Details

SKU ED2000 Height 10.43''
MOQ 12 pcs Length 1.38''
Age 6+ Width 9.25''
Availability click here Weight 0.33 lbs


Inner-Ctn Master-Ctn
Qty 12 pcs 48 pcs
Height 10.13'' 20.08''
Width 9.34'' 21.26''
Length 14.06'' 15.75''
Weight 4.8 lbs 23.1 lbs


pcs/layer pcs/palett Palet Heigth
0 pcs 0 pcs max. 96''


20 foot 40 foot 40HQ foot
12,336 pcs 24,720 pcs 28,416 pcs

9503.00.0090 0% CHINA


Meets US CPSC Standards and EU Standards

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