This toy store was excited to have our products in and sent us an image of Funsparks' Magnetic Darts

Fall ad of one of our great customers
Retailer at Easter with Jazzminton

jazzmiton-280-blisterToy store Idaho wrote about Jazzminton:
"..., the Twin store slowed down quite a bit because of the Halloween season.
We took down the entire 2nd floor (5000 square feet) and turned it into strictly Halloween.  Huge job.
I just looked at the numbers
Store #1 sold 448
Store #2 sold 340
Store #3 sold 208

So this is by far the highest selling qty's of any of the 12,000 sku's we carry at our stores.
You can use this for a selling point if you want to!!!!
There is not one item that even comes close to touching the numbers on this item. ..."  (Customer ID 12541)

The secret to our success is to play it with every customer who walks in the door.

We ask them if they have heard of it, we put the paddle in their hand and we start to play.
The sound it makes is one of the selling features. As soon as the customer hits the birdie back to us, they smile, and they buy.
That is what does the trick.
Besides, a price of $14.99 cannot be beat. This is a $20 toy for sure and we get the benefit of selling it for only $14.99
This allows you to sell more than one to each customer.

You are one of the easiest companies to work with and that is one of the reasons we love to sell your product for you.
I too look forward to many many more orders of Jazzminton and continued success selling your products.

Toy Store excited about our Funsparks VR Glasses

The attached photo is from A Toy Shop in Columbia SC.
They have bought 144 pieces of the Funsparks Virtual Reality glasses this month on two POs.

As you can tell from the picture they did a store event and posted on social media with the following caption.

"The staff was busy today using our new virtual reality glasses. They rode roller coasters, walked on the NASA space station, went sky diving, rode on the back of Pete's dragon, and lots more. Whew! What an exhausting day! All for only $9.99!!!"

On Good Morning America last week they said approximately 13 million pairs would be sold between now and Christmas.  These are the best ones at the best price I have seen.  We sell them from other vendors too but these are really good.  Google cardboard glasses sell for $15 retail.
from our sales rep Scott Kenerly