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The posts below is a small view of what we do.

2016-6-creative-play_page_12016-6-creative-play_page_2 Funsparks - VR2 Virtual Reality Glasses It works with all smartphone. Great IMAX effect created by these laminated cardboard VR2 glasses with a button to interact with downloaded 360 degree games or educational videos. Great for teaching kids about the world.

Hallmark Flyer 2016 Funsparks SpeakerHallmark Flyer 2016 Funsparks Speaker Main Page

Hallmark Mailer

Bluetooth Water Resistant  Portable Speaker
Extremely durable with a loud and clear sound.
Up to 300 feet wireless range.
Built-in rechargeable battery with USB cable.

creativeplay-retailer-april-2016_page_1 creativeplay-retailer-april-2016_page_2Jazzminton Funsparks Action packed paddle game that builds coordination. Stand at a distance of 5 to 30 feet and see how long you can go without dropping it. 1 set includes: 2 real wooden paddles, 2 slow and 2 fast real feather birdies.
2016-3-good-toy-group_page_12016-4-good-toy-group_page_1 Jazzminton, Two wooden paddles with comfy rubber grips provide the action in this energizing badminton game. How long can you keep the birdie in the air? Comes with 2 blue feathered birdies for fast play, 2 orange ones for leisurely games.