Switch Ball


    • FUN TOY: mono fling set for kids, teens, families and perfect for indoors and outdoors, backyard, beach and tailgate game or recreation rooms.
    • GREAT DEVELOPMENT: this ball tossing game provides a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, it’s strengthens your hand and arm muscles and is unique and fun to play.
    • OUTDOOR GAMES KEEP KIDS ACTIVE: helps kids become more active and socially adept: not only do kids improve their interpersonal skills they learn valuable lessons about team spirit and healthy competition: a child can learn that it is healthy competition rather than winning that is most important.
    • GAMES FOR KIDS: can help positively channel a child's physical and mental energies, kids games can also help a child improve concentration skills and teach the importance of task completion: they can improve their own self esteem.
    • CONTENT: 2 Launch Net, 1 Tennis Ball, 1 Pickle Ball, 1 Carry Case - Any questions? Please contact us!

Switch Ball


This is an endless ball game and in search of interactive games with balls, then this Switch Ball set is the way to go.

These cool pop and catch toys are ideal for both kids and adults. Loved by men, women, girls, boys, and teens. Have fun with your kids, spend some quality time together, stay fit and active while trying to catch, toss, launch, or throw the ball.

One of the greatest things about these toys, besides their make and waterproof construction, is that you can play with them anywhere you want. Either indoors, outdoors, when camping, beach vacations, yard, pool or garden.

Do your kids like to play all day long? If so, then this Switch Ball game is the way to go. Get a few more and let your kids have fun with all their friends.

Plus, they can keep themselves busy even on their own. Yes, this toy is great for teamwork and solo games as well!

Make the greatest party favor. Your kids are going to love them.

The rules are easy! There are no rules!

When the ball is in the launch net, the player aims, then pops the net with both hands, which launches the ball into the air.

Then the second player attempts to catch the ball in his/her net, before launching it back.

Did you catch the ball? You win!

Missed it this time? No worries! The fun continues non-stop!


2 Launch Nets
1 Tennis Ball
1 Pickle Ball
1 Carry Bag

Product Details

SKU SW1000
UPC 703856212831
Age 3+
Brand Funsparks
Dimensions H:6.5 x L:14 x W:3.25 inches
Weight 0.94lbs


Meets US CPSC Standards
Meets EU Standards


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