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What It Is
The VR Glasses 2.0 from Funspark is a cardboard, piece-together virtual reality headset to hold your smartphone. You can assemble the case in three easy steps, which are depicted on the headset itself. This headset is compatible with most Android and Apple smartphones. To use, simply insert your smartphone into the holder and seal it back up with the top Velcro closure. This particular set of VR glasses also features a button on the top so you can easily select and click through digital experiences without having to remove your device from the casing.The next step is to download some virtual reality apps to your device. What you chose to download is entirely up to you. The packaging suggests using YouTube for Android devices and the app VRSE for iPhone, but there are additional free video apps and games the company also recommends.
Is It Fun?
Overall this is a fun way to experience virtual reality easily and without breaking the bank. We especially like the button feature to flip through content without having to remove your device—this is a feature many much more expensive VR headsets still don't include.However, it’s really important to use these glasses properly so always remember to follow the directions and take plenty of breaks.
Who It’s For
The VR Glasses 2.0  from Funspark are for users looking to experience virtual reality games and videos without breaking the bank. The pricing on this particular headset makes it a great entry point for users looking to sample the technology for the first time. It offers is a simple way to utilize your smartphone device's capabilities, quickly and easily. The headset is best suited for ages 12 and up. It is not intended for children, unless under strict adult supervision.
What To Be Aware Of This is strictly a headset to watch virtual reality experiences through. Any virtual reality games, videos, or other applications are available through purchase in the Apple App Store or Google Play, etc.
There are no side closures to the headset so you’ll have to use your hands to keep the phone from moving about as well as hold it to your face as you view.If you are planning to share VR experiences with your children, you’ll want to explore each virtual reality app's content beforehand. Many are not COPPA compliant. For example, the recommended Vrideo app we originally downloaded appears to have some video content that isn’t at all kid-friendly and gets oddly blurry when viewing. This headset does however work great with the Google Cardboard app, which has free experiences that are easy to explore and very kid-friendly. The VR 2.0 Glasses should not be used any longer than 5 to 10 minutes and, as per the warning label, take a break for 30 minutes after each use. Otherwise, the experience can make you feel disoriented and, if you’ve been riding any virtual roller coasters, perhaps even a bit queasy.
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